*click the pic* to HEAR Mark wax eloquently--or not--about WATER

Definitely thermal Ipanema.

Walk it babe
Oh my God Oh my God

Get the WATER

thanks, I'll see you sunday

(he didn't seem quite right the last time I saw him. I think he's been eating the water.)

they do have nice water out here though

you can get flat water out here
right near here
yeah, yeah, I know
but seriously, it's flat water

small quantities at first of course

but once you prove you can handle it

well, I saw one guy leave with what looked like
about three quarters of an ounce.
Actually, that's a ruse, as I'm sure you realize.
the correct amount, revealed to the world in print
here for the first time
Is a phi section of a fluid ounce.
About 1.6180398874989464820.... fl. oz.
A "Golden Shot"

I couldn't believe it of course
gosh, with that much flat water
if only half of it got out
you'd have burnt sky
for about a month I'll bet
even if your mother said you had to come home
so be careful

That's how you find your way to the Phi Spiral

And then you've got all the water you need.

What I like about water
is the goodness
of the whatness of it
I challenge anyone to name a whatness
whose goodness even comes close to
the goodness of the whatness of water
Even freeze dried

The first thing I'm going to say, from now on,
to (wait for it) (beat) (beat)

I give you my whatness

A simple declarative sentence;
but Heavens, the raw majesty
and beauty of it.

I give you my whatness

Just point blank

What could possibly stand in the way of it?

like a gilt trough

or, no, a sanded vane?

Water will always be good to your whatness
and restore your ability
to be one with the flow of water

Which, after all, really, at it's base and root,
Is what whatness is all about in the end
Is it not?

Are you one with this flow of water?

Stay tuned till next week when

Whatness gets to meet to Sound of Isness.

And we finally find out if Mary's hands and mouth
were speaking
or doing
sign language.

--Mark Price, September 30, 2003

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